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Comblain au pont


Carte Ourthe-Amblève

The Comblain-au-Pont region offers the advantage of having exceptional areas. The course of 10 kilometers is entirely drawn around the Center of the village and between the villages of Poulseur and Comblain with the Bridge. With its easy access, the course and the very demanding and spectacular areas, will allow the public to be in permanent contact with the Drivers.

An artificial section will be installed in the center of the village of Comblain-au-Pont for qualifying on Saturday, it will also serve as section No. 1 for Sunday.


  • Its circuit: Demanding and spectacular areas on a 10km route through the paths, paths and in the woods adjoining the center of Comblain au Pont.
  • Its road access:the circuit is easily accessible and located ten kilometers from three motorway exits. (45,46,47)

Its professional infrastructure:

  • For the public: large car parks at the entrance of the town that can accommodate spectators. Easy access to the entire Trial Trail with stunning views to various locations as well as a shopping center area.
  • For the pilots: an infrastructure of reception equipped with all the conveniences, a Paddock for the installation of the teams in full heart of the village
    For safety: marshals on the course and medical center in Comblain at the bridge. For the media: a press center equipped with the most modern means of communication
  • For the officials: exceptional working conditions
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